Webinar Wisdom in Writing: Recapping Pulse Mastery with James Gosling

Guest Blog by Sean Owusu, Pulse

In the rapidly evolving business sector, staying abreast of insightful trends and innovations is vital. Recognising this, the recent ‘Unlocking Pulse’s Potential’ webinar served as a knowledge hub, offering a rich platform where professionals gathered to explore the emerging facets of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sector. The event featured the renowned industry expert, James Gosling, who provided an enriching discussion for existing and potential Pulse users, introducing them to a realm of innovation and strategic foresight. 

Introducing James Gosling, Director of M&A Chambers

M&A Chambers is a boutique M&A Consultancy focusing on the SME, owner-managed business sector, equipped with over 75 years of experience. The business exists solely to collaboratively guide and advise entrepreneurs, and owner-managers on their business journey, be it to achieve their growth, sale or exit objectives.
They are trusted advisors to their clients, adding value on many components of an M&A transaction and journey; ensuring professionalism and correct business etiquette and process is followed at all times.

Pulse: A vital tool for business analytics

As the webinar progressed, attention shifted towards  Pulse, our remarkable tool that has significantly impacted business analytics in the UK. Within a year, we have successfully generated over 18,000 insights from a vast array of companies, proving itself to be an invaluable resource for SMEs and accountants seeking detailed analytics and insights. 

The Interrelation of Pulse and the M&A Sector

Delving into the synergy between Pulse and the M&A world, the discussion focused on the critical role of financial reporting in M&A activities. James highlighted: “Good financial reporting serves as the cornerstone of any sound business process. It should be an intrinsic practice for business owners, akin to maintaining good governance and adhering to regulatory compliances.” 

Strategising for a Successful Business Future

According to James, preparation is key, and having structured financial reporting from the onset can significantly streamline business processes and decisions. In fact, research by Datapine shows that businesses use them to inform their strategic decisions and stay compliant with tax regulations. The role of Pulse in this aspect is undeniable, offering a visually pleasing and easy-to-follow presentation of financial data that allows business owners to identify trends and make informed decisions swiftly. In a fast-paced business environment, the frequency of financial reviews has become more critical, necessitating monthly or quarterly reviews as opposed to annual ones. 

James highlights the significance of preparing businesses for various events, such as sales or acquisitions, sometimes starting “5 to 10 years” ahead of time. Partners like Pro-actions have been instrumental in this preparation phase, assisting with strategy formulation and governance. Adequate preparation ensures a smoother journey through the process stages, making potential introductions and negotiations with suitors more streamlined and less turbulent. 

Effective financial reporting, as facilitated by Pulse, not only generates confidence in potential suitors but also fosters goodwill, as  a survey conducted by Deloitte  found that 86% of respondents believe that audits enhance trust in financial information. Being well-prepared portrays business owners as diligent and knowledgeable about their businesses, thereby fostering a favourable impression and facilitating easier negotiations during any bumps in the process. James underscores the human aspect of these transactions, where instilling a positive perception can significantly influence the outcome. 

Furthermore, James underscored the pivotal role of financial reporting in the due diligence phase: “Having readily available and well-structured financial reports can greatly simplify the procedures involved, making it easier for all parties, including lawyers, who require various financial schedules attached to contracts.” What’s more, data due diligence can help to reduce time spent on data analysis by 50%, according to DealRoom. A tool like Pulse can be immensely beneficial in this regard, offering easy-to-digest presentations that can be crucial from the preparation stage right through to completion. 

James appreciated Pulse’s capability to provide comparative analyses, noting that the timelines for processes could vary, and that having a running commentary can aid in crafting or sharing a narrative with the relevant stakeholders over extended periods. James says, “The comparative analyses available on Pulse allow for an examination of data from year-to-year and even quarter-to-quarter, which can be highly beneficial in building a robust narrative for the business.” 

Pulse, being free of charge, presents a fantastic opportunity for accountants who have transitioned into more advisory roles. The tool can facilitate proactive discussions with clients, helping to identify trends and points of interest that can be leveraged for business growth. 


As the webinar reached its conclusion, it left the audience with a treasure trove of insights from James Gosling, who presented a well-rounded view on the role of solid financial reporting in business processes, especially in preparation for significant events such as mergers or acquisitions. One of the standout features of the webinar was the introduction to Pulse’s comparative analysis feature, which enables a detailed scrutiny of financial data over different periods, assisting in building a strong narrative for businesses. 

In the contemporary business environment, tools like Pulse are becoming essential assets, facilitating informed decisions and smoother transitions during mergers and acquisitions, and thus are proving to be invaluable allies for accountants. Through proactive discussions with clients, Pulse aids in identifying trends and focal points that can be leveraged for business growth, marking itself as a pivotal tool in the modern business landscape. 

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